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Depute N.Alphonse, CO-Founder & CEO of BON Technology® Ltd and  ATradezone.com. A highly skilled professional, passionate and experienced freelance web designer, developer, blogger and digital entrepreneur based in Kigali-Rwanda.

Depute made the trek to the Adventist University of Central Africa (Kigali, Rwanda) to educate and equip himself with the necessary skills to become a spearhead in his trade of solving problems on the web, crafting design solutions, and speaking in code.

Depute’s determination and love for what he does has reached him in some pretty interesting places with some neat people. He’s had the privilege of working with, and providing solutions for, numerous businesses, big & small, across the Rwanda.

Depute builds custom websites, and provides design solutions for a wide-array of clientele at his company, BON Technology. He regularly blogs about passive income, living your life to the fullest, and provides premium quality Ecommerce platform for twenty plus enterprises. 20+ Enterprises Don’t Lie! Join Depute and adventure into his world of web design and web development. You won’t regret it!

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