Don't be like this guy

Grind! Hustle! Never Sleep! Life & Business is all about the day in, day out hustle, right?

  • I need more skills. More time. More tools.
  • More followers. More subscribers. More likes.
  • More social media. More podcasts. More life hacks.
  • Read this. Consume that. Buy this. Take that.

Faster, faster, faster. Now, now, now. Me, me, me. More, more, more. STOP IT!

Do yourself a favour and let all the pretend entrepreneurs spread themselves paper thin, and make a bunch of noise with their fingers in a 1000 cookie jars, while YOU do the exact opposite.

You do not need more. You already have enough. In fact, you have too much; you do too much.

What you need is focus. Attention. Long term vision. You need to do one thing, for one person, and you must do it well. The simple formula for the perfect consulting business is: Clients + a problem to solve + and a solution to that problem

That is it. It is tried and true, watertight and proven. It works with the internet, or without it. It doesn’t rely on social media, trending hashtags, or personal brand identity campaigns.

Identify a minimum viable market, find out what keeps them awake at night, create a solution to that problem, and offer it to said market for a price. Rinse, repeat, iterate & improve, scale and succeed.

The more painful the problem, the more valuable your solution. The more valuable your solution, the better your business.

But what about all the rest of the tools? The hacks? The techniques & strategies? Social media, ad campaigns, SEO, content marketing, scaling, virtual assistants, and email funnels and systemizing?

All of those things are tools you can add in where necessary to improve your main focus. They should not be the focus in and of itself “they should augment the focus, or shall I say, sharpen the focus.

If you want to stand a hair of a chance at succeeding in business, creating work that matters to you, and providing for your family & community in a meaningful way…

You must actually know what matters to you.

Your business is to solve problems for your client, not to prance about on social media trying to hit the trending page hoping for sponsorships to fund your travel-hacking-minimalist lifestyle.

Here is a tip: If you spent at least 80% of your work day, undistracted, focusing on one thing that produced tangible results for your business and customers, you’d be leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else spending 80% of their day distracted, making noise and adding zero value to the market.

Unfortunately, that obvious statement I just said is no longer common wisdom among the new trend of business owners, influencers and entrepreneurs ” if you want to call them that.

You do not need hustle & grind, a motivational social media presence, and your attention spread a million pixels wide.

You do not need to be everywhere at all times at all costs.

If you are not solving problems and adding value, you are not in the business of making change; you are in the business of making noise. As the late great Stephen Covey said “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

I hope this message finds you well, and gives you something to think about as you journey toward starting your own business.

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Depute N.Alphonse.




Depute N.Alphonse, CO-Founder & CEO of BON Technology® Ltd, a highly skilled professional, passionate and experienced freelance web designer, developer, blogger and digital entrepreneur based in Kigali-Rwanda.

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