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Do This

Targeted Keyword

Write your post around a targeted keyword or key phrase. Use this keyword/phrase in the headline of your post, and throughout the post.

Strong Headlines

Come up with 2-3 strong headlines. Tips here..

Post Subheadings

Break up content into subheadings that attract and bring the reader in.

Readable Paragraphs

Keep paragraphs readable. No more than 2-4 sentences per paragraph.

Included Links To Post

Include links to past post on https://www.deputealphonse.rw/my-blogy/ (if applicable). The search bar in top right may assist you in finding relevant past post.

Include at least 1 scripture

Include at least 1 scripture reference in your post.

Have a conclusion

Have a conclusion that summarizes your post, followed by 1-2 questions that provoke comments at the end.

Have at least 1000 words.

You must edit, edit, edit. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Edit and proofread several times!!! Have someone read it before you submit it. I’m not a professional editor, and don’t have time to edit, proofread, correct grammatical errors, etc. Please have this all done or you risk not having your post considered.

incorporate 1-2 pictures

Try to incorporate 1-2 pictures into your article. Please include attributes to the image owner including a link to the page where the image can be found.

Don't Do This

Don't Include Bio

Forget to include a short bio about yourself (2-5 sentences), including a photo of yourself (300 px by 300px), and a link to your blog or site.

Don't Include Affiliate Links.

Include no affiliate links.

Don't Include Bio

Forget to include a short bio about yourself (2-5 sentences), including a photo of yourself (300 px by 300px), and a link to your blog or site.

Don't Violate Copyright Laws

Violate any copyright laws on images or writing!!!!!
If applicable, you may include a link or reference to your own product, given it relates to your post and will bring value to our readers.

After Submission

I will email you about any edit, clarity, or change request.

I will give you the date it’ll be published. I’ll also send you the URL.

Please share your post on your social media networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc). If you own a blog, you are welcome to write a summarizing post the day of publishing, linking back to your post here at my https://www.deputealphonse.rw/my-blogy/.

On the day your post is published, please check throughout the day and respond to every commenter, and answer any questions in a timely manner. Although not required, we encourage you to actively engage commenters a few times during the 1st week your post is published.

NOTE: We retain the copyright of all material published by our guest posters. A guest poster can not, under any circumstances, republish their guest post elsewhere now or in the future. It must be unique to my https://www.deputealphonse.rw/my-blogy/.

Join Me

Would you like to contribute to our community by submitting a guest post for Inspirational Readings?  Awesome, I’m currently accepting guest post submissions! Let get started.


The best way to get an idea of the type of content I write at https://www.deputealphonse.rw/my-blogy/ is to look through past post.  You may also wish to check Inspirational Readings, and towards the top, view the topics and sub topics listed.  Submissions should be related to…Business, General, Freelancing, Get inspired, Lifestyle design, Hacking freelance career, Web design and development, Words of Encouragement regarding a specific life issue, Helpful advice on how to deal with a specific life challenge or problem, Anything else you feel will add value and benefit our readers Once we’ve agreed on a topic, please follow the guidelines below




Offer fresh content that’s never been published on any other blog, including your own


Find a gap on my blog that hasn’t been filled or discussed.


Post should be exceedingly helpful, encouraging, and inspirational.


Pull from personal experience(s) and incorporate it into your post (connect with the reader).


Use examples to clarify any points you’ve made.


Outline your topic with bullet points, and send 2-3 purposed headlines for your topic in the form below.


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