The beginning of a new year offers you a renewal of inspiration to set new patterns and new directions.

Your light is seen. Your heart is known. Your presence is appreciated by more people than you might imagine. On that final day – you will be surprised at how many others have been touched in wonderful ways by you.

May the love of God continue to hold you, the power of God protects you and the presence of God be real to you wherever you go.

May every blessing of joy, health, prosperity and deeper insights overflow into your life during this coming year.  May your best visions and aspirations be brought closer to fulfilment as you follow the higher path of Jesus.

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Depute N.Alphonse



Depute N.Alphonse, CO-Founder & CEO of BON Technology® Ltd, a highly skilled professional, passionate and experienced freelance web designer, developer, blogger and digital entrepreneur based in Kigali-Rwanda.

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