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You’ll never be successful tomorrow-if you fail to notice you are today

You’ll never be successful tomorrow-if you fail to notice you are today

  • “I’ll celebrate when I…”
  • “I know I’ll have made it when…”
  • “If only I could just have…”
  • “I’ll be successful when I earn”

These are some of the stories we tell ourselves when we are trying to improve our lives, build a business, or level up and achieve something great.

But if you don not see your success now, you will not see it later. If you don’t recognize the small win, the big win will go over your head.

Success is just a sliding scale. And it is relative. There is no “level” that you can reach, called “success”. It’s just a different version of what you already have.

Did you wake up today?

Identify a minimum viable market, find out what keeps them awake at night, create a solution to that problem, and offer it to said market for a price. Rinse, repeat, iterate & improve, scale and succeed.

That is a win.

Did you accomplish something?

That is a success.

You’re doing it right now. The day you become successful is not in the future.

It is today.

And if you do not see that now.

You will never see it.

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